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Introducing Giovanni, a versatile multi-effect sound processor plugin meticulously crafted by Minta Foundry to elevate your audio production. With an intuitive signal chain featuring saturation, delay, reverb, compression, modulation, and degradation modules, Giovanni offers endless creative possibilities.
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Unlock your creativity with Giovanni Multi-FX and shape your soundscapes with precision and ease.

Each effect module can be toggled individually, allowing precise control over your sound design process. Customize your saturation with three distinct circuit types, from classic tape warmth, vintage tube grit to modern soft-clipping. In the delay section, choose from echo styles like old tape, clean tape, and digital delay, each with its own sonic character and additional shaping controls.

The reverb section offers seven immersive reverberation styles including Room, Hall, Spring and Digital Reverb, complemented by parameters such as decay, tone, pre-delay, width, and modulation. Giovanni's compression module features vintage and modern compression styles, providing dynamic control over your audio dynamics.

In the modulation section, modulate pitch and amplitude with adjustable frequency, depth, and stereo width controls. The degrade section introduces lo-fi effects, including noise layers, bit-crushing, and filtering, for adding character and texture to your sounds.

With Giovanni's intuitive interface, seamlessly blend your dry and processed signals using the dry/wet slider, and adjust output levels with the gain knob for optimal gain staging. Explore over 50 factory presets created by AL HUG & friends or save your own creations for easy recall.

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