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Introducing 'Percussions Rack' – your go-to virtual percussion instrument for extraordinary soundscapes, crafted by Minta Foundry. Choose from a vast range of meticulously designed sounds captured from authentic instruments like Bongos, Congas, Guiro, Woodblocks, and more, all recorded by Al Hug through vintage mics and timeless analog gear. Dive into three comprehensive banks to ignite your music production with extraordinary percussive textures.
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Explore 147 Unique Percussion Sounds from Authentic Instruments Like Bongos, Congas, Guiro, and More, Across 3 Dynamic Banks. Captured by Al Hug through Vintage Mics and Analog Tape Techniques.

The 'Percussions Rack' features three distinct sound banks, each housing 49 exceptionally crafted percussion sounds. Every strike, tap, and beat has been captured using vintage microphones, processed through high-end analog preamps, and committed to tape to ensure the richness and warmth that only analog can provide. To seal the sonic signature, these tracks have been further embellished with classic analog effects, creating a palette of sounds that range from the nostalgically classic to the avant-garde.

But what truly sets this plugin apart is its playful interface designed to spark your creativity. Its user-friendly design lets you effortlessly mix and match sounds across banks, add effects, and manipulate tones to create unique percussion tracks that stand out.

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