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SFX Two_ Fermi Paradox

Early Bird
Four years have passed since Mr. Fermi Jr., son of famous Italian-American physicist Enrico Fermi, and his team launched into space. Their mission: find evidence of extraterrestrial life or proof that it doesn't exist. Driven by his father's theories, Mr. Fermi Jr. took on this dangerous mission to investigate the Fermi Paradox, which describes the conflict between the lack of clear evidence for extraterrestrial life and various high estimates for their existence. Or as his father put it in the 1950s, “If life outside of earth is so probable, then where is everybody?“. Unfortunately, Skylab X, the space station that Mr. Fermi Jr. departed from, could never get in contact with Fermi once they reached space; most likely, the spaceship's communication system broke during launch. But 1463 days after departure, an unknown data set was received by Skylab X. At first, mission control wasn't sure what this data set meant, or who it was from. That was until data specialist Locke, who was a part of Fermi's crew back on earth, figured out these were sound recordings from Fermi Jr. himself! Skylab X couldn’t find any evidence of alien life on these audio recordings, so they declassified the tape to be released under Minta Foundry for the public to listen to.
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Prepare for goosebumps with these alien-like sounds that were processed through analog gear like tape and vinyl.

This pack includes 120 total sounds. There are 71 special FX, 10 melodic loops, 19 ambiance sounds, and 20 tuned one-shots. Locke and Al Hug created these sounds with precision, using advanced sound-design techniques such as granular synthesis and extreme time warping. Then, all the sounds were processed through analog gear like tape and vinyl before being digitized. All of the sounds come in two versions: a clean–digital version, and an analog–vinyl processed version!

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