There are already so many blogs out there, so why do we think we need to add one more? Well, Minta was always about sharing, collaborating and learning from each other. This was one of the reasons we started this whole thing in the first place. At this point, we’re not super sure how much value we will be able to generate with this blog for you guys, but we still feel the urge to do it. And if it turns out, some of you might find joy, inspiration or stuff you didn’t know before in this – we would be super happy. So let’s just give this a try!

Minta combines three areas under a single roof: Minta Labs is a boutique gear manufactory for unique audio applications, Minta Foundry is a sample pack library with a focus on distinctive and curated content – all produced in-house – and Minta Boutique is your indie, instagram-based shop for used vintage acoustic guitars, that all are carefully restored by our own luthier Bonso.

There is a simple reason why this brand is so manifold: Everything we do is connected – with creating music being the guiding thread. The guitars we use to create our samples are the same ones we hand on to you on Minta Boutique, because we feel like music should always move on. We build pedals and tools based on our personal learnings and developments we experience while creating music, and because we want to use them ourselves. And we want to share these outcomes, these insights and the knowledge we accumulate while doing so. This is why we wanted to start Minta Blog.

So we hope, once in a while you’ll be able to find something on here that brings you forward, that surprises or inspires you. Whatever it is, thanks for reading and we hope to see you around!